Our Paitents Say

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 I want you to know of experience with speech & hearing care. I brought my son who was diagnosed with bilateral profound hearing loss. He was fitted here bilateral widex super high power RITE hearing aids. My son is so happy with his new hearing aid purchased. Life is so much better now! Get together with family & friends was very difficult as he could not hear well most of the conversations. His speech clarity has also improved. Whoever meets him; they ask where you got treated. I am so thankful to speech & hearing care.

- Kunal Keshav (Mannu Father)

 I admitted my child "Avilov" for speech therapy in Speech and Hearing care Pvt Ltd for six month. I feel improvement in his speech. Initially he could not spell the words properly but now he is well speaking a sentence also.He is down Syndrome boy and it is very difficult to teach him.But I am satisfied with their attitude and way of therapy.I specially thank to his teacher Ms Priyanka mam for giving therapy him very well. I would also like to recommend other child for the same.

- Lawleena Kumari

 This job of a 'Speech Therapist' is a very Nobel profession. He/She develops the power of speaking & speech sound clarity. An ideal speech therapist can mould the career of a child towards a bright future, who has been suffering from this problem. Needs to say that the speech therapist of my daughter is good professional in his field, whose method of therapy is most scientific and easy to follow & learn. My daughter enjoyed a lot therapeutic sessions and got benefitted by his knowledge which in turn helped her in reducing her problem in conversation. I am really proud of the therapist of my daughter or this organization (speech & hearing care) and I pay my warm regards to this organization.

- S.N Mandal (Shivani priya father)